Wednesday, 7 September 2011

First day back......

All thing considered today went without a hitch. We were expecting tears and tantrums, from parents and pupils alike, instead we got hugs and smiles. The kids came in all clean and fresh with new unscuffed shoes . Our class came into the classroom confidently and quietly, surely this model behaviour can't continue!!! How can I carry on with thi.s blog if there is nothing to this space. :-)

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Its book week once again. Today all the kids, teachers, TA's alike dressed up as their favourite book character.....We had lots of little witches, and grown up witches (me included).....It was a bit weird, like we had all just arrived fresh from the coven.
This afternoon we did a play for the children from the book Burglar Bill. One of my fellow TA's (who is supposed to be a mate!!) volunteered me to be the baby.
Picture the scene.....a hall full of excited noisy kids and me in a massive pink babygro and a big plastic dummy, actually I quite enjoyed it!! Is that strange???

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snowed out....

Our school was shut today due to the 'adverse weather conditions'. It was ok being home for the first hour or so but then I found myself missing being at work.....How sad am I. It seems though that Im not the only one. Many teachers, TA's and other support staff were expressing , on facebook, how they wished they were at work. Most professions would be glad of a day off, but, it seems, not school workers......what is it about this job!!!

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Christmas hols...

How lovely it was once again to see the whole school taking part in the festive end of term play....The children had to perform, not once, not twice, but five times for the parents and the year 3's , but they coped amazingly well and the teachers/ta's were all very proud of them.

The one thing that sticks in my mind though is of a teacher, who is very scatty and, dare I say blonde. She is a really great teacher and participates in everything with so much enthusiasm...One of the songs we had to sing was 'Bumping up and down on a camel' , to which the children mime holding reins and bumping up and down on their invisible camels. Needless to say Mrs S did the same with her imaginary camel, somehow though this looked very suggestive. It wasnt until the third or forth performance that this was pointed out to her, and bumping up and down on a camel took on a whole new meaning......All eyes were fixed on Mrs S and our stifled laughter was noticed by the bemused parents, who realised exactly why we were laughing .
I had some lovely presents from the kids in our class, chocolates coming out of my ears, but Im not complaining....Hope the kids all had a brilliant Christmas. And Im really looking forward to the start of the new term.....

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Last night I had the weirdest dream, we had an 'on the carpet' discussion the previous day about our favourite stories. I was asked , as us TA's often are , to give an example . I told the children of a far away land where a nice friendly witch cast spells on all the children to make them be good all the time.

I dreamt that it was our schools 'turn' to have spell books for the day....each teacher and child were given a spell book and told we could use it as many times as we wanted and that at the end of the day everything would go back to normal.

By break time the whole place was chaos.......children suspended in mid air, a hundred or more little green frogs, a polar bear, princesses, power rangers, and one child locked in a rabbit hutch......that was my handywork !!! :-).......I couldnt help smiling to myself when I saw that child this morning and got to thinking , if only...............!!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

When you are a TA

There are so many things you just except, like kids scratching their Nit infested heads, kids carrying the little grey sick bowls, most of which end up being worn as a hat when they realise that however much they look at you with those sad eyes, they are NOT going home !!
I can even cope with the occasional mishap of little puddles on the floor.......but I will NEVER ever get used to snot!

Often a child will come up with it on their finger asking for a tissue, but last week a little boy who I will call Dan was sat next to me on the carpet. As I looked at him he pulled his finger out of his nose followed by a string of snot ( I am heaving just thinking about it) !!! Then he put it straight in his mouth.....I was in pieces , I ran out of class and stood outside the door for a good few minutes trying to stop myself from puking, (very unprofessional I know) . Eventually I was calm enough to go back to class eyes still streaming......''Are you ok Miss G'' asked my teacher, ''we all wondered where you had got to , didnt we children? ''

At lunch time , however, Dan refused point blank to eat his peas , Obviously full up from his little feast. Eeeuuuwww!!!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Swine flu...

We have lots of kids away with suspected swine flu, and four cases confirmed, one in my class. On friday we had a child coughing and spluttering all over us, I have just had a text from my teacher to say she has gone down with it too!!!
Im not looking forward to next week without her. :-( .......get well soon Mrs F!!! XX